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From tube frame bikes to XBs, we specialize in putting the performance in your Buell®.  All of our performance products and services are designed for both the street and the track and are successfully track tested and proven.  What we use to outrun 998s with our XB12R is what you can run on the street. 

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RACE REPORTS (also found on BadWeatherBikers.com):

I will be giving race reports throughout the season. I hope that everyone finds it enjoyable reading. At times I will include some tips that we pick up at the track so we can pass along some helpful info that you can use in your racing and street riding as well.

CCS Loudon Classic Weekend, NHIS
The "Classic" weekend of NHIS is the oldest motorcycle race in the USA. This year was the 83rd year of the event. NHIS makes Sunday special by lengthening some of the premiere races and providing a larger purse for these events. Our weekend schedule was as follows:
Friday was GT Lights and Light Weight Grand Prix
Saturday was Supertwins and Light Weight Superbike
Sunday was the Thunderbike Loudon Classic Event (15 laps)
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  daytona international speedway horseshoe
March 2007 Daytona Pics
J.E.T. Performance Pistons
Manufactured by CP Pistons for Johnson Engine Technology, Inc.
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S1 Lightning Conversion to Single Cylinder Race Bike

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